Unprecedented innovation in laser technology.

PicoSure®┬áis the first and only aesthetic picosecond laser available today.

What happens after PicoSure® laser tattoo removal treatment?

There may be some pinpoint bleeding with scab or blister formation. An antibiotic dressing must be applied daily until the area is healed. You may bathe normally but we do suggest your minimise vigorous activity for a few days to optimise healing after your laser tattoo removal treatment.

Once you have decided on laser tattoo removal treatment, remember the most important things about our clinic:

  1. Tattoo Laser Dermatology uses the ground-breaking new PicoSure® tattoo removal laser. It is the final "missing link" in laser tattoo removal and a perfect addition to Q-switched YAG laser technology which continues to be important in the removal of dark black tattoos and is the only laser that can remove red ink.
  2. The expertise of the laser operators and our "state of the art" PicoSure® laser tattoo removal equipment:- All our laser therapists are registered nurses who are trained by our resident dermatologist. You may be aware that many "laser" and "IPL" centres are offering tattoo removal, amongst other treatments. Unfortunately, no matter how good the equipment, it will only be as good as its operator. Scarring and changes to skin pigment can result from improperly applied light treatments for tattoo removal treatment.

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